viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2007

A quarrelsome group

A few weeks ago a family of four got in the cafe I haunt and sat in the best table besides the window. That annoyed me a bit, since I wanted to have better light and peek out of the window while sipping my coffee. Soon it turned to be the least of my annoyances when they proved to be not only loudly talkative, but also involved in a never ending fight.
They argued because the table was too exposed, but they didn't changed to another place (I wished!). Then because no one liked the place in which they were, so they shifted from chair to chair, two or three times. Then because the waitress didn't appeared to take their order, but she was right behind them who were too absorbed in discussion to notice her. Then they fought on what would everyone had for lunch, making complicated ammendments to the dishes in the menu, or simply disliking anything in there. And it came the turn of mommy complaining about the same situaton that arised in another restaurant, and daddy telling her that it all happened because she was too touchy about food. They finally ordered their meals, and by this time both kids started to complain on how hungry they were and how much better would have been to be at McDonald's. The their parents chastised them about the healthy properties of spaghetti and steaks, and everybody was unhappy with what they asked for lunch.
Then the little girl announced that she peed herself and soiled the chair.
About that time I sketched them all, paid my coffee and croissants and was walking quickly out of the place.

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