jueves, 27 de septiembre de 2007

First post

Well, at last and after much reading other blogs and procrastinating, I'm making an attempt to keep this thing up and running and also show some sketches I've been doing since I have memory. Here's a few of them, a sort of test drive!

You'll see some drawings obviously drawn inside a cafe, for that's where I usually have a bit of time to spend sketching. There's a bus stop and transport card kiosk across the street, so I always catch some interesting "specimens" from there as well. Hope you like them.

Here's a comissioned drawing I made for a kit manufacturer. I would be very impressed if I had this view from the cafe window.

Here's a chubby shopper I saw a few weeks ago. It looked like a strong willed girl.
Here's a lanky beach goer, I sketched this one last summer.

Hobbitses. It was a time when I drew many Hobbitses. Not anymore, since they all were taken to Isengard.

6 comentarios:

Kali Fontecchio dijo...

I like your drawings a lot!!!!!!! You're really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kali Fontecchio dijo...

My favorites are the conversation at the table and the aeroplane- really amazing!

dfernetti dijo...

Thanks a lot Kali. The conversation took me at least two cups of coffee to finish.

Julián höek dijo...

hola! llegue a tu blog paseando por links, vi que eras de argentina y pase a pispear! muy buenos tus dibujos! veo que le gustaron tambien a kali, felicitaciones!
un saludo

Sylvia dijo...

Hi Diego,
Thank you for your comment on our blog. It is great to know that people read them! I love this blog. First time I have been here and although we share interest in your amazing cartoons and sketches I hadn´t visited here before. I particularly LOVE the cartoons of parenthood. Have seen your photos of your daughter and she is an absolute poppet!Keep up the good work. We are hoping soon to get down to doing our own stuff once the barn is finished

Paleo dijo...

Lovely sketches paisano.